10 Practical tips to achieve your best year!

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Do you think that the concept of having the best year ever is an impossible dream? This is a common misconception because we think that since the future is out of our control, it makes no sense to plan that far ahead. We can only make good resolutions and hope for the best. 

In fact, there are a lot of things we can do to keep our lives on a positive track and our successes going.

Having the best year ever is totally achievable and easy to do as well. It’s a matter of knowing what you want and living on your terms. It’s simply putting into motion a string of lifestyle and mindset tweaks that will culminate in an exceptional year. Here are 10 tips that will help you do that.

Tip #1: Never try to keep up

Keeping up with the Joneses is the perfect example of what happens when we get caught up in the “rat race”. Our lives become a crazy rollercoaster of envy, greed, ego, crazy consumerism and ultimately, a very miserable life. Never try to keep up with anyone, Live within your means and find enrichment in things that have real value, such as people and relationships.

Tip# 2: Set goals for different areas of your life

Clearly identify what you want to achieve regarding your health, personal relationships, career, finances, etc. That way, you have a basic framework within which to gear your efforts throughout the year to hopefully achieve positive outcomes in every aspect of your life.

Tip #3: Make "me-time" a priority

It’s likely that you spend most of your time doing things for other people. Putting other people’s needs on hold while you nurture your own needs makes you feel selfish. Never feel guilty about prioritizing me-time. Try it and see how more stress-free your life becomes and how your patience, productivity and efficiency will increase.

Tip #4: Be positive

A positive outlook can flood your body with hormones that increase productivity, balance the mood, and improve health. Learn to develop a more positive attitude and you will most certainly have a more positive year.

Tip #5: Never give up

Don’t let this year go down in your memory as the year you gave up and quit. Know that obstacles and setbacks are inevitable and tell yourself that giving up is not an option. Make your motto “I can do it.” If nothing else, you can look back on the year and be proud of your strength and perseverance.

Tip# 6: Expect the unexpected

Nothing, no matter how predictable it seems, is certain. Learning to expect unexpected delays and interruptions will make you more flexible, resilient and resourceful. Naturally, possessing these qualities makes for a smoother year, and a calmer life!

Tip #7: Plan adventures and getaways

Plan exciting vacations and trips to unique getaways far in advance. Having something exciting to look forward to keeps you motivated, optimistic and full of energy.

Tip #8: Make a budget and stick to it

Nothing beats financial security. It’s easy to have the best year ever when you come out of it financially stable, and with a bit of savings as well.

Tip #9: Save for the future

Having a budget is great but it should always be accompanied by a savings plan. Always live within your means, and have a separate “emergency account” as well as a savings account. Ideally, you should try to put away 10%-15% of your income.

Tip #10: Pursue a passion

Doing what you love can protect you from the sanity-challenging madness of the rat race. Make the time to practice a hobby you enjoy or learn something new to keep your mind motivated and happy.


When all of these changes come together, it can only lead to one thing – a wonderful year!  Take the time to introduce one or two of these tips first then add more as your mindset expands to embrace the idea that a perfect year is possible. And for you, it’s going to be 2022!

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